We Need You

Hello Everyone

We here at the Valley Charitable Gaming Society in the Comox Valley have run into a major problem and are in desperate need of your help.

Due to health concerns we have lost 2 of our Board of Directors.  We need a minimum of 5 Board Members to continue and this loss has now brought our Board Members down to 3.  If we do not get at least 2 new Board Members we may have to dissolve this Organization.

Unless we can recruit Board Members, we would no longer be able to continue in our roll of keeping you updated, answering your questions and helping complete and/or review your applications for a Gaming Grant when needed. Our office will close.

What we are asking for is not time onerous – maybe 2-3 meetings a year or as needed.

Our Association as been operational for 27 years since September 1993.

We have worked with the Charities through Bingo Licences to Gaming Grants and we have always acted as a liaison between the Charities and Government.

Now it is up to you and the Charities whether we continue. Please contact the office if willing to come on board.


Geraldine Foster, President,
Valley Charitable Gaming Society
2384 – Unit E Rosewall Crescent
Courtenay, BC, V9N 8R9
Ph: 250-334-3072

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