The NEW Online Gaming Grant Application is out !

March 2019

The updated online Gaming Grant Application has just gone live. For those who are familiar with the old version, the online application still looks very much the same so don’t be alarmed!

Below are some of the changes you will encounter:

  1. Questions on primary target participants
    The following 3 questions are now on the first page. They relate to the “primary users” of each program:
  • Does this program primarily target or benefit Indigenous people?
  • Does this program primarily benefit children and/or youth?
  • Does this program primarily target or benefit people with disabilities?
  1. There is no need to submit future year’s budget. You will only need to submit previous year income and expenses, and current year budget.
  1. In the section for submitting the level of grant funding requested, you will also be asked to describe how you plan to use the grant funds. Please read the instructions carefully for this section:

Indicate the level of grant funding your organization is seeking for your program for the next 12 months. Provide a list of the expenses you intend to use grant funds on. See Section 4.3 of the Guidelines. Stating “refer to budget” is insufficient. If you anticipate that you may need to use the funds for Out of Province travel, please provide the proposed date, the reason for travel, and the estimated cost of travel.

  • As per the instructions (above), you must provide a list of expenses you intend to use the grant funds on, you cannot just say “as per budget submitted” even though you may have listed them in the budget.
  • There is no longer a separate question on whether the grant funds will be used for out-of-province travel. You must declare it yourself in this description, provide the proposed date, reason for travel and estimated cost.
  • There is also no separate question on whether the program receive any other provincial or federal funding. You need to include these in your program budget so it is clear.
  • There is no question on whether the grant funds will be used for a major capital project that has a total value of more than $20,000. Smaller capital and capital acquisitions can still be included in the gaming grant. For larger capital projects, there will be a separate Capital Project Grant application again this year (intake period between June 1 to July 31, 2019). More detail on capital grants will be coming.
  1. As per previous years, you can either email or mail in documents you want to submit or attach them. However, you must fill in your program description and how you intend to use the grant funds in the online application (by filling in the text boxes provided, or by attaching documents).
  1. Short Form Application

As per previous year, some organizations can use the Short Form Application.

However, you can only use the Short Form if the requested grant is for the same program(s) and for the same level of funding approved in the last fiscal year.

For the Short Form, there are no requests to submit the AGM date or AGM minutes.

There are prompts for you to click and edit your programs. Within each program, you still need to submit previous year’s income and expenses and current year budget. You will still need to provide information as to how you intend to use the grant funds. You will also be asked to fill in the amount of grant you are asking for. You must fill in the same amount as last year.

The only thing you do not have to do is to re-submit your program description. However, this also means that you cannot change anything within your program description, nor is there a way for you to add information or attachments.

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