Minor capital requests

Minor capital requests
This hidden gem can help fund your program: You can add a minor capital amount of up to $20,000 to your Community Gaming Grant application.

If a capital upgrade or capital acquisition is essential for the delivery of one of your eligible programs, you can add that amount onto your program ask.
Example projects or items:
building a wheelchair ramp for accessibility
improving sports ground for your program
replacing out-of-date computer equipment
upgrading or replacing sports equipment
purchasing a vehicle for your program
The project or item must be essential to an eligible program. When you apply for this fund, you must explain why the program needs it and provide quotes. Attach this information where you attach the program description.

You cannot apply for only the minor capital amount. The amount must be an addition to one of your program requests.

This is not the same as the Gaming Capital Project Grant for project or items over $20,000.

More details can be found in section 6.3 and 6.4 in the Guidelines.

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