Gaming Online Service
As of January 1, 2019, all licensed charitable gaming event applications and supporting documents must be filed online through our website.

Have you prepared for your application?

Some applications take a while to complete. We suggest planning for 30 to 60 minutes. With this system you cannot save your application and return to it later. To get through your application as efficiently as possible, please prepare before you start by reviewing the following information (pre-application checklists, frequently asked questions and more):

·         Pre‑Application Information for Gaming Grants or

·         Pre‑Application Information for Gambling Event Licences

Please use the Search function to determine whether your organization exists in our system.

If more than one result appears for your search, please select the applicable record.
If your organization does not appear in this list, please refine your search or click New Applicant.

Use the * (wildcard) before and after specific words to assist in your search (eg: *test*).
Avoid using punctuation marks (i.e. periods, apostrophes) and words that are often abbreviated (i.e. St for Saint, BC for British Columbia) as these may restrict your search.
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