Eligibility For Federally Incorporated Not-For-Profit Organizations

Federally incorporated not-for-profit organizations are eligible for Community Gaming Grants for delivering programs and services in British Columbia for the benefit of British Columbians.

Extra-provincial societies must meet the organization eligibility requirements set out in section 3.1 with the following exceptions: ® an organization with a single, authoritative board of directors at the national level that is democratically chosen by, and from within, its voting membership will be considered to have met the requirement of demonstrating a democratic process, even if its body specific to BC or the local community is appointed; and ® the governing body specific to BC or the local community has members that reside in British Columbia and do not receive remuneration or other financial benefit for their services as executive members.

A local/provincial chapter of an extra-provincial society that has autonomous governance and meets the requirements set out in section 3.1 does not require the exceptions listed above. All other sections and subsections of the Community Gaming Grants Program Guidelines remain applicable to federally incorporated organizations on an ongoing basis, including the requirement that grant funding does not leave the province.


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