Literacy Now Cowichan Society strives to increase literacy in the Cowichan Region on Vancouver Island and promotes life long learning for every citizen.

Our clients are adults who wish to improve their skills in reading, writing, math, computers and other technology, use of the internet, filling out forms (especially for government or jobs) as well as speaking, writing and reading in English. We offer support in financial literacy with basic budgeting and money management. We work with learners who need help preparing for entrance exams for trades programs at the local university. We work with those who are differently abled, with newcomers and long-time immigrants and with Indigenous communities.

Many times a learner’s motivation is to improve their skills for getting a job, or getting a better job or to be able to function better in their communities.

Our services are free and we offer a very ‘learner centered’ program with 1-2-1 tutoring using highly trained volunteer tutors.

A community based organization working to improve literacy in the Cowichan Region
LNC provides one-to-one tutoring for adults in the areas of reading, writing, oral communication, computers, mathematics, document use and job readiness.
Founding Date
July 2007

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