The Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Centre (CVLLC) previously known as the Comox Valley Adult Learning Centre (CVALC) has administered and delivered literacy services in the Comox Valley since 1993. At that time, our programming only provided support in the area of reading.  Today we address concerns in areas as varied as reading, writing, employment readiness and preparation, family literacy, financial literacy, numeracy, information technology and conversational English.

Over the years, in response to shifting demographics and community need, the scope of services has broadened and so too has our definition and understanding of literacy.  It is our belief that literacy fosters informed and meaningful participation in social, economic, family and community life.   As such, our goal includes providing literacy skills in order to support social and economic participation in our community.

As the only low barrier access point for literacy services in the Comox Valley, CVLLC occupies a unique position within the fabric of the social service community in our geographical area.  Experience has taught us the value of our service to our community partners as well as the meaningful contribution which our learner centered model provides to our adult learners.  We continue to discover new avenues to embed literacy programming and recruitment of learners into existing intervention models (supportive housing, shelters and drop ins, food banks, etc.).


We are a non-denominational, charitable organization and depend on program and capital funding, philanthropy and the efforts of learners, volunteers and staff to fulfill our mission.

We are committed first and foremost to the well-being and best interests of our learners.

We accept learners ‘where they are at’ and recognize the uniqueness of lived experiences and journeys.

We believe in encouraging participation and leadership among CVLLC learners to shine a light on skills, talents and abilities that can be used to contribute to creating policies and programs that address their specific needs.

We believe in the social and public determinants of education, and understand that literacy is both impacted by and impacts physical, emotional, environmental, mental, spiritual, social and economic factors.

We believe in the inherent worth of individuals, whatever their life circumstances may be, and in their right to make their own life choices.

We work to be a positive force, providing an environment of lifelong learning, connection, support and access to opportunities

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Phone:  250-338-9906


The Comox Valley Lifelong Learning Centre
1507A  McPhee
Comox Valley, BC V9N 3A6

Phone:   250 338 9906


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